Welcome to the first Nuclear Winter comic page! I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. If not, head on to the “About” page to find out a little bit more about the settings and the characters.

This comic is an homage to Montreal’s winters and features a lot of landmarks (the mountain in the second panel is Mont Royal), local foods, cultural references and other “inside jokes”. Why not get to know the city a little better? Also, as a disclaimer, I decided not to translate road signs, panels and other pieces of text in the comic. Why? First of all, it’s long. Second of all, even though this is the english version, my characters are all francophones. The fact that it is translated does not mean they speak English! I will of course explain things in here, but I just wanted to say, don’t panic if there are things you don’t get in the panels!

So I hope you you’ll all come back each Monday for a new page. In the meantime, enjoy this two page-bonus!